Applying payment to invoices in multicurrency

I am not positive whether it is a bug, but here is my experience:

I.e. operating currency is GBP
Invoice for $100 (USD) is issued to a customer.
It has been paid via Paypal, receipt received $95 USD.

After applying 95 USD to invoice invoice appears as fully paid. No debtor balances are displayed an I cannot trace what happens to the balance of $5. They do not seem to be recorded anywhere.
If say additional payment (two installments) received for the same invoice, second is not capable of being allocated as invoice appears to be paid in full.

As a result balance on debtors account and debtors report differs by unsettled amounts,
Could you please advice

There are quite a few accounts under your name. I will PM you to get further details.

$95 is net receipt after paypal charges, you need to tag full amount and split it as paypal charges + money against debtor $100. any difference will be automatically accounted for as currency exchange gain or loss.

I tried with receipt of $50, it shows balance in debtors listing but not with $95, though it shows on invoice itself $5 outstanding in case of $95 receipt

But if I am to split into 100 and -5, then it would require me manually allocate invoices to payments and spend ages entering payments amounts.

My question is why invoices for not show as outstanding, as this would allow em to write off balances to bank fees.
The same problem I have loose payment on account which was for already part paid invoice, and I cannot allocate it as invoice shows as paid.

You can untag both payment on account and actual payment, go to relevent invoice in $, click on lodge payment, you will see a screen with allocate balance on account, tick that and then allocate balance payment you just received. Now go to you $ bank and delete untag entry for balance money you received for this invoice, it is the entry which you entered through bank.

You should record any on account payments from bank screen and actual balance partial or full receipt payments from invoice it self and any paypal charges should be recorded as normal as per paypal invoice.

Thank you for that. But it still does not sort the problem with underpaid invoices.

If I open debtors report and click on balance for specific customer, it only displays full invoice outstanding, ignoring all “tails” left.

You need enter full amount e.g if invoice was $200 and its been paid in full then log receipt of $200 from invoice screen and it should not be any thing in debtors then. Fact that you are getting net amount in paypal is causing confusion. You need to record paypal charges as separate transaction

I have sent you a private message and awaiting a reply. I’m happy to look at your account if you can let me know which one you’re having problems with. It’s difficult to give you an answer without seeing the invoice first hand.