Applying VAT to PO

Could you please advise on how to apply VAT on a PO.
I am a sole trader and am not registered for VAT. I have noted that:
"With a purchase order you don’t declare any VAT as it’s ultimately down to the supplier to work out the VAT"
I have entered the items for the PO and have now converted to an invoice. QF gave me 2 options both appeared to do the same but at no stage was there an option to apply vat. Am I missing a stage?

Please see here:

Thanks for the prompt reply:
I realise that you should not apply VAT at the PO stage. It is converting it to an invoice when I was expecting to add the VAT.

I just had a look on my test account and it would appear that we do now allow VAT to be specified on Purchase Orders providing the user’s account is setup as VAT registered and not on the Flat Rate scheme.

If you’re not VAT registered you shouldn’t be recording VAT at all, as your accounts will be wrong.

The Supplier will be applying VAT to the PO items on their returned invoice?

Possibly but if you’re not VAT registered you don’t record VAT, just record the gross amounts on the invoices.

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