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Archive Clients


We sometimes do estimates for clients who don’t end up working with us, so it would be a great feature to be able to archive them so we don’t see them automatically on the default client list

We could then have the option at the bottom, similar to invoices for Active, Archived, Deleted with the default view being Active.

Thanks for looking,


Hi Debbie,

Thank you for the suggestion. Quite a lot of our features are driven by community demand. We’ll be more than happy to look into this further if the demand is there. Watch this space!


Deleting a client is non-permanent so you could just delete them and then re-instate them later if required. I’ve done it a couple of times to remove clients who I am unlikely to see again in the default list.

Looking at it there doesn’t really seem to be any difference between deleted and archived.


It certainly does :smile:

I was afraid if I deleted a client then it would remove all history related to the client, but it looks like it only removes is current unpaid invoices.

Thank you for pointing it out :smile:


A proper archive feature would be nice - we’ve got several hundred clients who are cluttering up our lists at the moment. I don’t fancy deleting them as it does seem to lose some information from the description above - unpaid invoices might be the only thing that’s been noticed, but it would be more reassuring if there were an actual archive feature, guaranteed not to lose info.