Archive previous financial year?

Is it possible to archive previous financial; years such only the current one is showing?

As it be nice to track all previous years and then archive them such all receipts invoices relating to it are so to say shelved in filling box

There is an archive function in QuickFile.

Go to your sales invoices / purchase invoices, tick the invoices you want to archive:

Tip: If you want to archive one specific year, do an advanced search for that year, and tick the top box next to the titles to select all of them

Then, at the top, select ‘More Options’ and select ‘Archive Selected’:

To view them, at the bottom of the page is an archived button:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Is it possible to do this on bank accounts to?

I assume you need to archive all different sections manually to?

Not bank account records unfortunately, only sales invoices, purchase invoices and estimates (that I’m aware of)