Are Paypal feeds a paid feature?

Hi there,

I’ve found how to add a Paypal feed ( Setup PayPal automated feed ) but I can’t work out if it’s something I can do on the free plan, or if it’s only available to power users?

I have a power user + bank feed subscription myself, but need to find a good solution for a community group I’m volunteering for.


Hi, yes it is a payable feature but you don’t need a power user sub., the bank feed sub. will do the job.

It is maybe also worth to know that quickfile gives a little discount to charities, as far as I know - I have seen this somewhere but can’t find it. Is your community group a charity?
Hope this helps

Many thanks. It’s a CIC, a community interest company (limited company), not a registered charity, so I’m not sure if it would qualify for any discounts.

Hi @SaraJayne

Just to confirm, the PayPal feed doesn’t require any subscriptions and is included with all accounts. Any features that require a subscription are noted in the knowledge base.

If the CIC is a registered charity (registered with the Charity Commission), then we can review the account for the discount. Unfortunately, if they’re not registered they wouldn’t qualify.

Hope that helps!

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Brilliant, thanks Mathew. :+1:

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