Are you able to include an image in the footer area of a quote or invoice?

I wanted to know if it was possible to include an image in the footer area - so what we have is an image or logo that includes all our partners - 6 in total and i have seen some quotes from other companies that have a similar list on their footer notes and i think it would be a great idea to show clients we supply other stuff.

Yes this is possible, if you go to invoice customisation, click on footer and then in Append text box use this syntax with your source path of image it will show up at bottom of invoice

The following HTML markup can be used in the Appended Text region. This will display the QF logo in the invoice footer, you’d just need to change the image path accordingly.

i have added the images but the images are appearing way above the footer text … is there anyways of bring the images all the way to the bottom so that the image is just sitting above the footer text, at the moment the images are sitting right under the invoice body so it looks strange with an image in the middle of the invoice

lets see the screen short?
Mine looks like this

Yes the images can only be appended to the main body, they can’t be fixed to the exact footer position.

it looks like this

this is the image path i have used and i know nothing about these things so any help will be greatly appreciate - parnters

As per my last message, it’s not possible right now to fix any images to the page footer. You can only append to the main body. Another way to do this would be to have pre-printed letter heads.

i understand you cant position it… but from the image from Faradaykeynes, so i must be doing some thing wrong or using the wrong invoice style

try moving your text at bottom before images

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