Are you able to run 2 divisions under the same accounts

Hi all,
we sell It security software which is our primary source of business but our clients have been asking us to source hardware for them, so we have created a new online webstore that will operate under a different name but is part of the same company name - my questions is is there a way of running all the accounts out of quickfile but some how differentiate between the two - most of the transactions on the webstore are automated its just how to account for it overall in the accounts system.

If you have multiple trading styles linked to one Limited Company, then you would manage this all on one QuickFile account. What you can’t do however is configure 2 separate style of invoices on a single account, so your invoice will look the same for each division.

Thanks for the reply - so how do we go about setting up the two trading styles - there is no issue with the invoices so that’s okay…

There are no specific settings on QF to setup different trading styles, you just need to input all your activities for both entities into one QF account.