Assessing Quickfile suitability for integration

Hi newbie here.
I have read a lot of community posts and knowledgebase articles and believe that Quickfile can offer what I need.
Thought it worth getting confirmation before I proceed.

I am a software developer, not an accontant/bookkeeper, just completing an application to manage property rentals where final step is to integrate accounting functionality.

The application may be avaiable for outright purchase but typically will be based on a monthly subscription with fees based on the number of properties and/or users.
In either case what I would need is for the application to register itself on Quickfile and set up the users accounts on first use.
If I have understood correctly then I believe the API Partner/Private App option satisfies this requirement.
If this is the case then I do have a few immediate questions…

  1. Is it possible to add a nominal account using an API method?

  2. Same question applies to payment types.

Although aimed at single landlords there is always the possibility of small agencies with >= 2 offices that would have there own Bank, Customer(Lanlord) and Deposit accounts.
3. Is it possible to report (Balance, CoE) on individual offices as well as the agency as a whole?

  1. If the answer to Q1 is no then would each new private app get the standard CoE or can I set up a master version that each app would use?

  2. When setting up a private app can I specify which account tier is required.

Hi @DerekT

I’ll certainly try to help with your queries.

By “register itself”, do you mean set up a QuickFile account on behalf of a user? If so, this isn’t possible. The only method of setting up an account at present, is to do it manually from our main website.

This isn’t possible at present, but you’re welcome to start a thread in the #feature category and we can consider this as a potential extension in the future.

For reference, you can view all available methods for the ledgers here.

I’m not sure what you mean by payment types?

If you were to apply project tags to the invoices and purchases, then I can’t see there being an issue. While a P&L isn’t available on a per project tag basis via the API, you could perform basic calculations by using the Invoice_Search function, limiting the results to the specific project tag.

However, as with the point above, you’re welcome to start a feature request for this if you wish.

Each QuickFile account is setup with a standard chart of accounts when it’s created. The exact nominals created varies depending on whether Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company etc. was chosen. But they can be added to freely, just not via the API at this time.

Do you mean the account sizes - XS, S, M, L and XL? These aren’t defined by the user, but calculated by QuickFile based on the number of entries in the account. There’s more details on this here.

From your queries, I’m either on a different wavelength (highly likely on a Sunday!), or the concept of QuickFile apps isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

The app marketplace on QuickFile allows you to create an app with set privileges (such as allowing invoices to be created, suppliers to be viewed, documents to be uploaded and so on). The app would sit in a public marketplace within a QuickFile account and can be activated by the user. This generates a token which can then be given to the app to retrieve the details to make the connection.

For your reference, you may find these pages useful:

Of course, if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to reply here and either myself, my colleagues, or another member of our community will try and help :slight_smile: