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Asset List / Itemised Assets

A small conundrum, any help much appreciated please.

In QF is there any way of itemising specific assets above and beyond just posting to a nominal code.

I know in the past when we have used Sage, say we post purchases to a Nominal Code such as plant and machinery, we could assign a specific code to that asset and then view the entire asset list at any given point in time by going back into that nominal code.

So let say I had a trailer hire business and had 25 different trailers, and 5 different tool kits and 5 generators, is there any way I can assign unique reference code (i.e Trailer 001, Trailer 002, Toolkit 001, Toolkit 002, Generator 003A, Generator 004A etc…) to identify those assets and then furthermore, upon journaling the year end to include deprecation, see the actual value of those specific assets ’ Plant & Machinery’ to see the actual book value at a given point in time.

Many thanks in advance. Really appreciate your thoughts.

Hi @Andy_B

There is a feature request: Fixed assets schedule which is currently being considered.

Thanks Beth, I will express an interest by commenting in the thread.

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