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Assigning a payment to multiple customers

I have a customer who has paid for the work for both her and her neighbour. The invoices are on 2 separate clients - how do I tag the payment to multiple clients?

Hi @AcmeArb,

It may be easiest to split that payment into separate payments on your bank account, that way it will be easier to allocate the money to the clients.

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Hi AcmeArb, I had a similar situation. But I thought the customer is the person who paid the invoices. So, I linked both invoices to one client/account and tagged the money on my bank account to this client/account (the person who paid the bill). For me that was the easiest way to do it. I hope it helps a bit.

This guide in the Knowledge Base may be of some help;

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This is exactly what I did - payment into the account £500. Delete it and manually add 2 payments of £200 & £300 so I can tag them separately.

Unfortunately with automatic bank feeds the original £500 keeps coming back and because the 2 manual “payments” are still there, it throws out the bank balance in QF to the statement balance

Am I doing something wrong??

No your not, but a way round it is to have another bank account in qf. Create a two money out transactions, one for 200 and one for 300 and use that to tag against the purchases. Then tag the original 500 as a transfer from your bank account to the new one.

I thought you had it there…but no :pensive:

I have £500 IN and I want to pay £300 to settle one customer (sales) invoice and £200 to settle a different customer incoice.

I receive the £500 into a holding bank account…BUT…If I enter 2 new transactions to move it out of the holding account back to the “real” bank account, I have to tag the transaction as transfer between accounts, so there is no way to then apply the payment to the customer’s account to clear his balance.

If I go out of the “real” bank account and into the “holding” account, I can add a transaction to use the funds, but as the money is coming OUT of my holding account, I am only being allowed to use it to pay suppliers etc so I still can’t use it to settle my customer’s invoices and leave their accounts clear :roll_eyes:

So just reverse what I said.

Two money in transactions in the holding account pay the invoices, create a money out for 500 so the holding account goes back to 0 and tag it as a transfer to your bank account matching it to the 500 in.

I actually stumbled across an easier way…tag the £500 in the bank account as a Transfer to the “unallocated bank” account (so this appears as if £500 came OUT of unallocated into the bank)
Then go to the first customer invoice and click Mark as Paid TO unallocated account
repeat for the second customer

This gets both invoices marked as paid, the bank ends up the £500 and the unallocated account ends up unchanged as the money goes out in 1 but comes back again in 2 payments

Thanks Paul for your help !

Yeah, there’s several routes you can take but whether you “log payment” on the invoice (which creates pre-tagged bank transactions) or manually create transactions and then tag them (which logs the corresponding payment) the result is the same.

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