Attach Existing Receipt Document To New Invoice

I am writing an invoice and want to attach an invoice I received that is related to the one I am sending, save me typing it out line by line. If I select ‘use existing’ I get a box that I can enter a filename in. What is the filename? I uploaded this to the receipt hub so the scanner auto generates a filename and then I think Quickfile prefixes it with a GUID of some sort as well. This would be easier if I could browse the files that I could attach.

That aside, I can’t attach anything anyway, if I start typing the filename, either the pre or post modified ones or just copy paste the entire filename in nothing happens. At no point do I get a popup with a list of matching files no matter what I enter.

After some playing around it appears you can only attach a document to something once, and then it is attached to that item and that item alone. I think the ‘use existing’ tag might be slightly misleading as I would expect it to let me use existing files. To get this to work I had to upload the same document again. If I was to do this often then the storage required would be double what I required as I’d have to upload each receipt twice.

I’m going to reclassify this as it’s not strictly a bug, more of a feature. Files that are attached to purchase invoices are archived under a folder in the file system that corresponds to that specific purchase.

Sales invoice attachments work slightly differently and do allow one single file to be linked to multiple sales invoices (providing that file is not linked to a purchase). The reason sales invoice attachments work differently is really down to it being more common to link one document to multiple sales items, e.g. in the case of Ts & Cs, routine notifications etc.

Having said that it’s common to re-bill expenses so I don’t see why purchase attachments need to be locked down like this.? I’ve referred this to an engineer to see if there is a reason why this is happening, and whether that restriction can be removed.

I see the intended behaviour there then. What confused me was that I was sure there was some recent update about being able to attach files to multiple sales invoices. I see now this was only specific to things that aren’t purchase receipts!

It’s not something I do often, this is obviously the first time I have done it since February but it would be easier for the end user I think if all documents are treated as they are on the local machine, i.e. I can attach the same file to whatever I want at any time.

No problem, it’s logged for review so if it turns out to be fairly simple to change I don’t see why we can’t do this.

@Lurch just to update you here, you can now attach any purchase scan to a sales invoice via the “Use existing” button. We’ve removed the restriction here that was preventing this earlier.

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