Attach the same file to multiple sales invoices/estimates (Implemented)

When I’m sending an invoice I want to attach some files. I’ve uploaded these for a previous invoice so thought I could just click on ‘Use Existing’. When I do though a dialogue pops up (although often off the page) but when I start typing the name of the file nothing comes up. There’s also no drop down to choose from. How is this supposed to work? Is it broken?

I’m using Chrome.

There was a slight problem here with the positioning of the file search dialogue. This has now been fixed.

The reason nothing is coming up when you search is because there aren’t any files any your document manager that haven’t already been attached to other invoices.

Ah, I think I misunderstood the functionality a little.

In which case may I offer an enhancement: to be able to attach documents that have previously been uploaded (even if already attached to other invoices).

Use case: I attach the same two documents to most invoices - in my case a share offer and membership form, but it cold well be a flyer or catalogue. Being able to just quickly tick to attach these rather than having to reupload them every time would save me time (and reduce server load too?).

It definitely makes sense to be able to attach the same document to multiple invoices. I’ve logged this for further review.

@AsherJac I’m pleased to say that this has been implemented. You can now attach the same file to multiple sales invoices/estimates by selecting the Use Existing option on the file upload dialogue. You no longer need to upload the same identical document multiple times to attach it to new invoices.

That’s great news.

Thanks so much for a great product and such good support.

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