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Attaching and Detaching Profiles on Affinity

I’ve read about Affinity, but I’m not sure what is meant by the term ‘attaching’ or ‘detaching’ profiles. Does it mean, if a profile is detached, QuickFile still hold the profile and all its corresponding data to be re-attached at some future time, but you’re not charged a daily rate? In other words, could you use the word, ‘live’ as another description for an attached file? And perhaps, ‘suspended’ as another way of describing a detached one?

Hoping you can help.


HI @StuartNorfolk,

Affinity has been geared towards accountants so Clients would potentially have their own QuickFile accounts, and then if/when they need an accountant to take a look and audit their books or take over for them the accountant would attach that QuickFile account to their Affinity profile. Once the work has been completed or the client doesn’t want or need the accountant anymore then the accountant would then detach the QuickFile account from their Affinity Profile.

If you are using it because you have multiple businesses then it works in a similar way however if the QuickFile accounts have been created through Affinity then the Affinity profile would ‘own’ them. With this, if you detach one of the Affinity owned accounts from your profile then you wouldn’t be able to access it directly.

Hope this makes sense and hasn’t confused you even more?

Hi Beth,

Thanks for responding. I have a client who I’m dealing with through QuickFile, opening a single QuickFile account. It is my way of checking out what QuickFile has to offer. I signed up using my client’s info to draw up his accounts. It was a success. So, I’m thinking about opening up an Affinity account, so I can deal with multiple clients.

My question relates to my client’s data, you see I only deal with his accounts at the end of the year, and then it’s only an intensely short period. If I sign up to Affinity (1) how do I import his data which sits in a stand-alone QuickFile account, then (2) I only deal with his accounts over a period, say, a month. If I choose to detach his accounts for the remainder of the year so they don’t incur additional charges, will I be able to source and re-attach his accounts when needed?

A lot of work has gone into assembling his figures, and I can’t begin to comprehend what would happen if I lost them. Do you know what I mean?

Hope you can help.


Hi Stuart,

Yes I think I understand what you’re saying. So as long as the QuickFile account has been set up on it’s own then it will remain that way whether or not you have it attached to the Affinity account. Once you have set up an Affinity account there is a way to add the account (then remove when you don’t want it) this will not affect the actual QuickFile account as that is it’s own thing.

There are guides on using Affinity here: https://community.quickfile.co.uk/c/knowledgebase/affinity

Hope this helps

Okay, thanks Beth.

Do you have a link within your knowledge base that covers the aspect of 'attaching vs. detaching and what happens and from where? I just want some reassurance on this. I tried searching the knowledge base myself but couldn’t come up with any post that gave pertinent answers.

Thanks for your ongoing help.


Hi Stuart

There are a few sections in the Affinity Overview article covering the linking process, and explaining account ownership: QuickFile Affinity overview

Thank you for that, Matthew.

It’s an unrelated to the topic, but I want to report a problem in accessing the support and knowledge base on an iOS device. I don’t know whether anyone else is experiencing the same, but if I go into my QuickFile account on my iPad or iPhone I can access the invoices and expenses fine, but if I try to access the ‘Help’ support or knowledge base and I want to login it asks me for my user and password. When I enter these it says 'Incorrect username, email or password.


The help section is part of the forum so you would need to enter your forum login details, not your Quickfile details. Although you should be able to view them without logging in at all.

Hi Lurch,

Well, on my MacBook Pro if I’m in the account I can access the help database no problem. I can tell I’m logged in because it has my icon displayed in the top right.

I just want to make sure that if I’m creating new login details it doesn’t assume I have two accounts for QuickFile. Not that it would make any difference, but it just seems like another layer of potential complication :disappointed:


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