Attaching Files to an invoice

I have T&Cs in a PDF and I know how to create an invoice and at the preview stage add the PDF as an attached file, but if I then make that invoice recurring, I can’t see if the attachment with the T&Cs will also recur? If not, is there a limit on the additional notes field, could I put them in there?

If you’re going to do that then you want to use the payment terms box rather than additional notes - additional notes appear between the invoice lines and the subtotal box, payment terms appear at the bottom below the total.

Hi @Scooby_7

If you have a Power User Subscription, and could get a HTML copy of the PDF, perhaps supplementary pages would be worth looking at?

We have a guide with more details, here: Supplementary Pages

Thank you both - it’s a terminology issue - it is Supplementary Pages I need (I have a Power Subscription) and in your guide it does say that recurring invoices inherit them so that should work - thanks

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