Attributing payment to wrong invoice - how to correct?

Hi, I’ve inadvertently attributed payment to the wrong invoice, can anyone assist in explaining how I might correct this error?
Thanks, Eddie

Hi Eddie,

You will first need to untag this payment, you can do this by going into the invoice and viewing the payments associated with it. Or from the bank account screen, you should be able to see the payment and then where the box says Tagged you can click that and remove the tag

Thanks Beth.
Regards, Eddie

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If it’s still the right client then another thing you can do is go to the payment record itself (the popup on the tagged transaction has a link “This payment is…”) and there’s an option there to detach the payment from the invoice, which will turn it into a prepayment on the client’s account. You can then log payment and “apply from credit” on the correct invoice.

Thanks Ian, much appreciated as always.

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