Authority to collect ad-hoc invoiced payment via DD

I have Direct Debit mandates with a number of customers who trust me to collect invoiced payments. However I am reluctant to collect without their agreement which can involve inconvenient phone calls and emails. Is there a feature where I can request a customer authorises each invoice for collection. Obviously regular scheduled invoices are catered for within QF but not when the invoices are ad-hoc which can be the bulk of all invoices to a customer.

Hi @Howard,

A way around this could be to send out an estimate to your clients for them to agree before converting it into an invoice - to then be collected by DD?

Hi Beth, well I often invoice on time used on project as its often not fixed price. Also I make sure its an estimate rather than a quote and items can added or deleted. If I update the estimate the customer gets confused thinking its work yet to be done. I was thinking of some indicator on the final invoice that allows the customer to authorise it for DD collection

HI @Howard,

As far as I am aware the customer will receive an automatic email from gocardless to inform them that ££ will be collected by DD on dd/mm/yy - this is part of the DD guarantee.

Another way to get authorisation first is to create the Invoice - download and send outside of QuickFile so that it is still a Draft - if you send it through QuickFile then it will no longer be a draft. They can then confirm from the Draft and you can go in and flag it as sent?

I do know that if they log-in to the client portal to view their invoice then it does state on the invoice and at the top of the invoice that the amount will be collected by DD so no further action is required. If you want to check what they can see then if you impersonate a client you should see this.

Hope one of these will help you :slight_smile:

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