Auto Bank Feed Expires on 2nd December Message. Don't Know if this is Yodlee or Open Banking?


When I first started using Quickfile I paid for Yodlee.

This stopped working in Dec 18 and I spoke with Matt in Dec 2018 who set my account up with Open Banking.

So, as far as I’m aware Yodlee never worked and this isn’t what is automating my banking feed currently with HSBC. It’s doing this through Open Banking.

I have a message that was sent my accountant that my automated bank feed will expire on 2nd December.

In my Open Banking Section it says Open Banking will Expire in 45 Days?

Could you let me know which Automation Feed I am using? Yodlee or Open Banking? Which one is the system requesting to renew?

When I go to Renew it’s asking for £15 + VAT. I don’t know if this is a Yodlee Renewal or an Open Banking Renewal?

Is open banking a paid for service?

Which am I currently using on my account for my bank feed automation?

Can someone from support take a look to see what the next steps are?

Many thanks


There are two separate expiry dates going on here - your subscription to bank feeds (which covers both Yodlee and Open Banking feeds) needs to be renewed annually, but also when you grant permission from your bank for an Open Banking feed, that permission expires after 90 days and has to be re-granted for the feed to continue. This latter doesn’t involve any cost, it’s just that the banks require you to regularly refresh your consent.

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Hi @jamesselway,

Hopefully @ian_roberts has answered your query. The subscription is for the access to the bank feeds in general which is an annual subscription.

The Open Banking Section showing that will expire in 45 days is when your permissions with the bank run out.

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