Auto convert quote to invoice when agreed by client

I don’t know if I am asking for something non standard or if I am missing something but should there not be a way to automatically send an invoice out if a client accepts a quote? Problem I find is that they accept the quote and then I get a seperate email asking how they pay. Clearly they are confused by the fact they cannot pay and be done with it. It would be great if this is possible, please just let me know!

BTW - thanks for the other enhancements like batch printing invoices and being able to send statements automatically these are fantastic and just what I needed!

I think the issue with that is for those businesses, such as mine for example, who cannot invoice straight away.

Usually, I would issue an estimate for a project, get acceptance of it and invoice several weeks later.

However, maybe @Glenn could advise if this is something QuickFile believes could be integrated, possibly through an account setting?

It’s possible, it’s just not something that I recall has been suggested before on the forum? We do get a lot of different ideas put forward.

I think for now it’s best to convert this to a “feature request”, so other users can comment and add their vote.

It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ thing so you’d need users to be able to handle it differently, either account wide or on case by case basis when sending out quotes. Some people take payment up front, some take a percentage as a deposit and some people invoice after the work is completed so you need to take all of this into account when a quote is accepted. There can also be variations and options in some quotes so this complicates it further.

Thanks for the comments, and I appreciate it is not for everyone. We sell software so the conversion process is fairly straight forward and if they don’t pay they simply don’t get the goods. I would expect most IT sales for hardware / software would operate in a similar manner. From my point of view it would be another good time and frustration saver that’s all. In our case most quotes get followed up by another email from the prospective client asking how to pay, so it would just avoid all that extra admin and delay in getting payment and moving on. I appreciate it would need to be an optional thing and at worst we would have to cancel the invoice if they did not decide to pay after accepting the quote.

Crikey do I know that :smile: It’s just a massive challenge accommodating for all the minute differences in the way users handle their accounts. Every tiny feature can take days to implement. We can never cover every single base, so we just try to search for a middle ground and prioritise those areas that get the most attention.

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