Auto generated Credit note VAT doesn't match purchase invoice

Some minor issue I came across when dealing with credit notes from a supplier:
I bought a product (from Amazon) and created a corresponding purchase in QF (reference QF0040).
The total price was 7.99 (Sub Total 6.65 + VAT 1.34) - see below screenshot from the invoice:

Eventually the product was returned and Amazon refunded the amount which then showed up on the bank feed. When I tagged the amount as a credit from supplier and linked it to purchase (QF00040) Quick File seems to auto calculate the Sub Total and the VAT amount which came to 6.66 + 1.33.
While the QF calculation is indeed correct, the amounts weren’t identical to the purchase.

I removed the tagging, resulting in the deletion of the Credit Note and had to create the credit note from the purchase invoice screen because then it populates the same values as the purchase invoice. Once the credit note is created QF automatically adds a transaction of 7.99 to the bank account, therefore I removed the ‘original transaction’ of 7.99

It seems as if the VAT calculation is different when the Credit Note is created from the purchase invoice screen vs. the tagging and linking to a purchase - the first option copies the values from the purchase details while the later is calculating the values based on the total.

It’s likely to be a rounding issue as sometimes they can’t be helped but as the rounding is in your favour and being 1p different is accepted by hmrc there’s no real issue.

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