Auto invoice number on reoccurring documents

Hi, we use a specific numbering sequence on our invoices, however, a year or so back we had a weird situation where we used text on an invoice instead. Just the once. If we aren’t careful and don’t monitor the reoccurring invoices we have set up to automatically send each month we find that Quickfile uses the old text and adds an a,b,c or d etc after it. We then try to change it before the client sees the bizarre reference but its sometimes too late! Can we stop it at all?

Hi @w9gga,

If when you create the next invoice it is numeric, then the following invoice from this should follow suit so go up in number rather than follow the ‘old’ pattern of letters.

Unfortunately thats not the case though. Sometimes it does, sometimes it grabs the text and sticks a letter on the end.
The only logical reason I can think of is that our estimates all start with JQ followed by four numbers and when we convert them we drop the JQ and just leave the 4 digit number for the invoice.

Hi @w9gga

The invoice numbering takes the last created invoice and adds 1 to the last invoice number.

So if your last one is ABC, the next one is ABD
If your last one is 123, the next would be 124
Or even if it’s mixed 987J would become 987K

If you’re seeing letters appearing, I would just double check the one before it to see what that’s set to.

Yes in theory that happens the majority of the time. Our system is a little quirky in the fact that we could create an estimate labelled JQ1000 which a customer doesnt accept for a month. At that point when we raise the invoice it becomes 1000 even though the last invoice was a lot higher due to the date it was created and done. Quickfile then by default tries to suggest the next number on. I get all that but then an auto invoice gets generated and it grabs the text for years ago and ticks a letter on the end. It doesnt make sense but happen quite frequently.

hi @w9gga,

The invoices just carry on from the latest invoice - they don’t look at the estimate for a reference at all. If this is the way that you work then you will need to continue to override the invoice number/reference manually.

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