Auto-tagging Foreign Currency Transactions


The “bouncy” auto-tagging feature on the Tag Me popup that shows exact matches or recommends setting up rules based on previous tags works well with sterling transactions.

However, when the previous transaction it finds is tagged to a foreign currency invoice for a sterling bank account, it appears to suggest creating a new rule, and for creating a new invoice for the transaction, not for auto-matching an existing foreign currency invoice.

It would be great if the auto-matching would use the same logic as the manual option with the foreign currency selected , when a prior foreign currency invoice has been tagged to a similar transaction and show it as an exact match, rather than suggesting creating a new rule.

Not a terrible problem, but auto-tagging is such a huge time-saver that having this use case covered would be a big help.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @Thomas

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the delayed reply - this seems to have slipped past us!

I’ll leave this as a feature request for the time being, but if anything changes, we’ll let you know.