Auto-tagging problem


We have a bunch of transactions that were matched with a rule (but not auto-tagged) and need Confirming.

However, I hit auto-tagging on the first one, and now I can’t confirm them and it just says they will be auto-confirmed “in the next few minutes”. It’s been like that for days and I urgently need to get these accounts finalised!!

How can I turn off auto-tagging for this rule and/or force it to update the outstanding transactions??

Hi @domjones,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your tagging rules. Are they still showing as needing to be confirmed?

We are looking into something that may have caused a delay but if you’re able to send a message to @QFSupport with your QuickFile account number then we can take a look at your account.

As for turning them off - Automated bank tagging rules you can go into the bank tagging rules section and modify them there.

Hope this helps

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