Automate import of Amazon sales information

Dear Quickfile

Now that Amazon are making the detail of each sale more easily available by download, is there any chance that QF will design a method to automate updating of Amazon sales data?


Hi @marksenior

There are no plans for this at the moment, but it’s certainly something we can consider. I’ve moved your thread to the ‘Feature’ category so other users can comment and add their vote.

If there’s enough interest from the community, we can certainly take a closer look to see how feasible this would be.

I agree, an amazon feed to a merchant account on QF would be a very helpful feature

Agreed, would be great. By invoice, rather than order.

For now it would be great if we can narrow the scope of this feature. Amazon do have a MarketPlace API, and specifically a method to “List Orders”. This would technically allow us to create simple invoices and payments linked to a dedicated Amazon merchant account.

Orders API Section

In order to move forward it would be helpful at this stage to get a list of beta testers, ideally with a reasonable amount of order history in Amazon. We would then create a dummy QuickFile account for any participants to test the feed.

If anyone is interested in working in a beta testing group for this feature please let me know.


As I suggested the proposed feature, it would be churlish of me not to volunteer!

We have 15 years of experience of dealing with Amazon, specifically we have set up our own software interface via Amazon API but this does not deal with accounting transactions.

I too would be interested in testing / using this feature, have over 10 years experience on Amazon.

Hi All, I’m new to Quickfile but have history with Amazon, did this API link ever come to anything? it would be really useful and avoid endless downloading/processing/uploading.

Haven’t heard anything since. Have not been invited to join a Beta test.

Hello @MarcusR1,

Unfortunately this didn’t progress any further at the time.

What we would encourage users to do however, is to explore the QuickFile marketplace, which is in place to help users with a bit of coding experience to develop these add-ons. We’re more than happy to offer support to these where we can too, in terms of using our API.

If anything does change on our end, or if we’re made aware of any projects in the pipeline from other users, I’ll be sure to update this thread.

Hi Mathew

Did any Quickfile users take up your offer of using your API to create an Amazon transactions add-on?



Hi @marksenior

I believe there was low interest in this, so it wasn’t pursued any further. If I recall correctly, we did advertise for volunteers both on the forum and within accounts themselves at the time.

Hello - just revisiting this topic.

By far, the biggest (time consuming) issue I am having is tagging amazon transactions.

Because of the nature of the bank feed, I need to manually reconcile untagged amounts (search reference “z” and then search price as taken from the “orders summary” on the Amazon website)

I also need a print out of my orders so I can strike off as I work through the list.

We are a small manufacturing company and purchase lots of small items (at least a few hundred each year) from Amazon.

(It’s a real paint point, so much so I’m thinking about writing an automation using Selenium)

Any thoughts of setting up a feed?