Automate issuing of client statements


Quite a few our customers request monthly statements and the number of request is growing as we grow. Is there a feature that will allow for monthly statements to be sent to clients automatically?


Not as such, but all clients will have access to a statement at any time in their client control panel. We would be inclined to add some facility to automatically email a direct link to this statement periodically, although we wouldn’t be looking to automate the delivery of PDF statements as email attachments, mainly for bandwidth limitations.

Oh yes, like the idea of an automatic e-mail with Statement hyperlink for outstanding accounts…!


hi glenn

thanks. from the client control panel a client is not able to define the period of the statement (at least as far as i can tell). i would love a feature that would allow for me to send certain clients an automatic email to a link with their monthly statement! that would be a great addition if you are able to make it happen.


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Seems to be a popular feature so we’ll give this some more thought, thanks for the feedback.

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I’m pleased to say that this feature is now available to use.

Please refer to the following post for more information:

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