Automated Bank Feeds

We are banking with Metro for our business and I have noticed that on the bank Feeds list Metro is under development and i understand that you posted the list in 2018.

Please can you update me on this matter so that i can subscrible Power users and bank feed at the same time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Andre Souza


If it is this list you are referring to: Open Banking Coverage

This was updated 2 days ago, so Metro is currently under development. That said, I can’t see it taking too long for it to be fully functional. Potentially live within a couple of weeks.

Hope this helps

Hi QFBeth,
Thank you for your quick response.
So for the moment do i just sign up for power user or both?
Also, i like to use iPhoneX for updating my receipts. I was wondering how to download the App? I tried just now and it was asking for my google drive? maybe i am on the wrong APP!
Thank you in advance.


I would just go for the PUS for now and then when you know the bankfeed is live you can then purchase that subscription.

I have replied to your post on the other thread regarding the app.

Hope this helps

Thank you will do that for now.
Kind regards,

Hi @QFBeth, I have a client who banks with Metro as well, please could you let us know when it goes live so they can connect.


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