Automated Statements

Just a quick question, could be a bug - I have an event logged for a statement being sent to a client, however there’s nothing in the sent box of our email account (there usually is for invoices etc).

So, firstly - has the statement actually been sent? And if it has, what email address has it been sent from?

Thanks in advance!

I can see a job that was processed for a recurring statement on your account at 31/08/2014 at 07:04. I can also see an event log that was lodged at approximately the same time showing the email address the statement was sent to.

I’ll need to ask my colleague to look further into the send routine to see if it was actually sent through your SMTP config. I will get back to you on this ASAP.


I think there is a bug here as it appears that the statements are getting sent via our mail servers (with your from address, i.e. as if you didn’t have your own SMTP configured). I’ve referred the details and we’ll get this fixed ASAP.

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Thanks Glenn. Top service as always (even on a Sunday!)

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