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Automatic Bank Feeds

I have just set up a new client on Quickfile. When i refresh their bank feeds it does not update automatically but instead asks for a code.
I have been through this setup many times and added the card details or account number.
I have got through and it updates the feed. The icon is showing for live feed. but they are not downloading automatically.
So i need it to only ask for the codes once and update by just clicking a button in future.
I have 3 other clients on quickfile and they update successfully each time, but everytime I set up a new client , I seem to have this issue.

Hi @lisaefc

What bank and type of feed is set up? There may be an alternative which can be automated.

I think it is a raw yodlee data?
Details are below if you want to have a look:

Account: 61315******

Hi @lisaefc

I’ve had a quick look at the account (and removed the number from public view). It looks like a Yodlee feed is currently set up. I’ve enabled Open Banking for you.

If you go to More Options >> Bank Feed Details >> Remove Feed, and then re-add it, it should prompt you for Open Banking.

Any problems though, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Hi Matthew
My client has tried to do this and she has said “Quickfile bank linking still needs to be reloaded every time as Barclays doesn’t do open feed only yodel”

I thought that you had changed the settings so the bank feed would automatically download each day?
Please can you put in the same settings as i have on account Account: 61315*****.

Apologies if you have changed things, as i am liaising with a client for this. If you can confirm to me that you have done all you can then i will take over and fix it as it may be that my client is unsure how to complete.

Thank you in advance


I have had a look at the account for you - it appears they are still using the yodlee feed rather than the open banking feed.

I have also hiddenthe account number for the account you wanted the settings matched to.

If you could ask your client to remove the feed they have set up and then re-instate it as an open banking feed not Yodlee then hopefully this will resolve the issue. :slight_smile:

We managed to get the bank feed up and running for a while and then the user has just emailed me saying this
" I’m having issues with the bank feed refreshing even though it was reactivated. I decided to log off to refresh and then reactivate but now it is telling me:

There are currently no Open Banking feeds that are available to map to this bank account. You can setup additional Open Banking feeds here.
Setup a Yodlee feed instead (required for some account types e.g. credit card)

We are unable to obtain a list of authorised accounts from Barclays. We are aware of a technical issue with Barclays Open Banking integration that prevents a small percentage of Barclays account holders from accessing Open Banking Services. We have been informed that Barclays are currently working on addressing this issue and kindly ask that in the mean time you setup a Barclays feed using our Yodlee service (see the link above).

This is what kept happening before. I don’t know if you know how to rectify it? I think you did something last time and it worked up until 7th/8th June, then when it asked for reactivation it kind of stopped working"

The book-keeper using the quickfile account has said this. Can you please advise?

Hi @lisaefc

Can I just check, you’re able to go through the process, select the Barclays accounts you wish to authorise (on the Barclays site), and then return to QuickFile without any issues? And it’s only then when you come back to QuickFile, you’re seeing the error message?

I have had this response form the client.
"The bank feed is connected and goes through the whole refresh thing but then says there are no transactions to add. Last transactions are 7th June.

I’ve checked the info and it is the right bank account"


@lisaefc - I will send you a private message to get some account details from you.

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Hi Support Team,

I am having exact same problem. My Barclays bank feeds stopped all of a sudden so I tried refreshing it but didn’t work. Eventually, I revoked the OB link and re-authorised it but now I am getting this error message

There are currently no Open Banking feeds that are available to map to this bank account. You can setup additional Open Banking feeds here.
[Setup a Yodlee feed instead (required for some account types e.g. credit card)](javascript:void(0):wink:

We are unable to obtain a list of authorised accounts. Please go to the Open Banking page to create or renew your banking consents.

Please assist ASAP as I need to make VAT submissions amongst others.



Please can you go to the Open Banking page (Banks > Open Banking Feeds) and click the “Revoke” button next to the feed you’ve set up, and then re-connect it.

Can I double check that the account you’re trying to link is a GBP Barclays Current Account?

Hi QFMatthew,

I have done this several times but still have the same problem. Yes this is a GBP bank account. Like I said before, this was working with no issues until recently. Last transactions stopped at 24th July 2019.


@AKJ - let me send you a private message to get a few more details.