Automatic bank tranfers

So. I can’t do automatic bank feed transactions due to the access codes to Hsbc so I have to send it all via excel.
That’s all fine.
My entries for Fuel though. Using my debit. I can’t seem to match a receipt to prove what it says it is.
Any help on this?

Hi @Mike1,

What do you mean specifically when you say you can’t match a receipt?

If you use the open banking feed it can be fully automated, if you use Yodlee then it can import without manual excel mangling but you have to trigger each run by hand with an access code, it’s not possible to run unattended.


So I’ve downloaded the app CamScanner for receipts.
I’ve emailed receipts to my account.
Receipt is in my account.

On my bank transactions I have 99.00 for furl tagged and paid through my debit card.

I want my receipt to correspond with this transaction. But it won’t allow me too.

Any ideas. ? I don’t want to creat an invoice as this seems pointless and extra work.

The Receipts from the Receipt hub can only be attached to Invoices/Credit Notes. Unfortunately you are unable to attach them to payments

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How exactly won’t it let you?

Once you have uploaded your receipt go to receipt hub and tag it, once you enter the amount it should pick up the purchase and ask if you want to attach it. Which bit isn’t it doing?

There has to be an invoice as that’s how Quickfile knows what to do with the money behind the scenes (for VAT, posting to the correct nominals etc).

There needs to be a purchase invoice in QuickFile to attach the receipt to, but you don’t have to manually create it separately, you can do so as part of the bank tagging workflow (payment to a supplier → create new purchase). Then when you enter the amount in the receipt hub it’ll offer you all matching purchases of that amount that don’t already have a receipt attached.

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