Automatic invoice numbering suddenly stopped working

For some odd reason the system stopped generating invoice numbers as it used to - KFD210, KFD211 etc etc. So I changed the invoice prefex to a much simpler KF000XXX eg. KF000212. This seemed to fix the problem, but today we tried to generate an invoice and the system had automatically suggest 121112VISMEE an invoice prefex we used years ago.

Some advice on where we are probably going wrong would be much appreciated.



OK you have an invoice #KF000223 so typically it would increment one from there, so I would expect the system to pick #KF000224. However oddly there is a credit note with this number, even though credit notes should normally be prefixed with #CN0000#. The system then tries to order by invoice number alpha-numerically and increment from there, when ordering this way it pulls that really old invoice number and adds 1.

I know the above may sound confusing, but normally this works without issue. The problem stems from having a credit note without a CN prefix. We can easily correct this and we’re looking into how this was initially possible.

Thanks for reporting, if you check your account in 10-15 mins it should be numbering correctly again.

Hi Glenn,

All fixed thanks so much. Not sure how that credit not got an invoice prefix rather than the normal KF.

Happy new year and thanks so much for your help.


We were later able to discover how this happened so it turned out to be very helpful! We’re now looking to fix that underlying problem!

Happy New Year, let us know if you have any further problems.

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