Automatic Linked Sales & Purchase invoices

I have no idea if this is possible using anything less than SAP, but below is an example of what I would like to be able to do.

I create a sales invoice for a customer for £50 to fit an oven and £500 to paint the flat. The invoice goes out and eventually the customer will pay. What I would like is to be able to link my purchases to each sale item so that when the sale is posted it also creates a £35 purchase on the contract electrician and £420 purchase on the contract decorator.

At the end of the month we could then pay each supplier what we owe (self billing style) without having to manually do anything.

I guess it is almost like having each item made up using a “bill of materials” where some of the materials are actually contract labour, but even then that would not post the purchase to the suppliers account. Am I chasing the impossible :unamused:

Unfortunately no possible in QF but other software in market do offer billable options even with certain % so that when you are ready to invoice client you can add materials and other related cost to sales invoice with a click

Thanks - I know P***** has it through their “items” which sort of works, but QF is much better than them in so many other ways - just a shame there isn’t one package that does it all but then I guess it would cost the same as SAP

I may have misunderstood the issue but could you not make use of the rebilling option on QF. I have found it most useful and the related invoices added in the process.

Thanks, that is interesting because I didn’t know that facility existed in QF…Id doesn’t help here, because what I am trying to do probably is quite unusual. I am sort of starting in the middle and wanting QF to push in both directions.

I create a sales invoice to the customer which is posted in the usual way, but it then triggers the creation of purchase invoices to pay the suppliers. Rebilling seems to need the suppliers to bill me, then I can tag them into an invoice for my customer

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