Automatic posting of Paypal/Stripe ticket sales

We are a company running music events. We have been using Paypal as the payment platform for our events, and when each ticket sale is made, the transaction in the QF Paypal account is automatically posted to sales and vat - this is important as there are hundreds of transactions.
We have just switched to Stripe, the the transactions are not posting automatically. Can you please tell me how to make this happen?

Hi @strivs,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Have you set up the stripe feed? Which transactions is it that aren’t posting automatically?

Hi Beth

We have set up a Stripe account which has been linked to bank accounts in QF. We have had a few transaction go through - each transaction consists of the amount generated by the ticket sale and the relevant fee paid to Stripe. Neither of these are posting automatically (as they did on Paypal).

Hi @strivs,

So you aren’t seeing any of the transactions within the bank feed area? can I ask what date the transactions happened/cleared?

No, all the transcations are showing in the Stripe merchant and online payment services account. That is not the problem.

The problem is that they all have either red or yellow tags, whereas in Paypal the tags were green as they had automatically been tagged.

Hi strivs,

I think you have to add Bank Tagging Rules. They are not pre-set because everybody tag them differently.
Have a look here, how to do these rules, may it is helpful for you:

Yes that sounds like the answer - how do I set them up?

Hi @strivs,

If you click the link that @rhc has provided that should give you some idea of how to set up the rules there is also this guide that may help you: Tagging your bank transactions

Thanks for that.

I have set up manual tagging rules successfully for one of my companies, but the other keeps rejecting the ‘client’ entry on the tagging rules input page. I have tried all options that I can think of, but it continues to reject it.

Hi @strivs,

When you say that it was rejected are you seeing any errors?

I have just tried again and it is now working - thanks


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