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Automatic sorting of Purchase Invoice items

Cannot find any other topics on this so…
When items have been entered on a Purchase Invoice you can sort the order by grabbing on the eft and moving up or down. When I click save they stay in the same order but when I view the purchase receipt they re-order. See our purchase #QF00269. This may be due to -ve value items but it makes more sense in the order I put them.
Any thoughts

Hi Nick

That does seem a bit odd. Tried to replicate this on a test account, but it seems to show it all OK.

I haven’t got access to a computer at the moment, but either myself or a colleague will take another look when we’re at a computer, and give you an update

No problem, Thanks for the quick reply. You should be watching the football.

Hi Nick,

No problem for the quick reply. Football’s not really my thing (unless Wales are playing ;))

I’ve taken another look this morning, and I’ve managed to replicate the issue.

I’ve logged this with our development team to take a look. Will update you shortly.

In the mean time, I’ve edited your purchase invoice to show this correctly.

@tc5440 - Just a quick update to let you know this should now be fixed. Can you give it a go and let me know if that works all OK for you please?

Hi, this problem seems to have returned. Now it is re-ordering items after the first save/view and then after correcting they seem to stay OK.
Also, would the option of dragging to re-order be possible? It would save re-writing lines and, would the option of having quantities on purchase invoices be possible as this is available on POs but is lost when converting to a purchase invoice?
Sorry for the 3 in 1.

Hi @tc5440,

I believe unlike the sales invoices, the actual position of the rows isn’t saved, so it just goes down to save order.

This isn’t possible at the moment but there is a feature request for it: Purchase Invoices - Quantity Field

This also isn’t possible at the moment but you’re welcome to start a feature request thread for this.

Apparently a planned feature already (although the feature thread is locked so you can’t vote on it).

Hi @Lurch,

Yes there is that one for Purchase orders but @tc5440 was requesting for Purchase Invoices

Correct but they should probably be done as a whole anyway. There are quite a few requests for changes to purchase invoices/orders that can/do apply to both and would probably be done as one if they are ever implemented.