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Purchase Invoices - Quantity Field


Is it possible to have a Quantity field in Purchase INvoices?

we sell quantities of items and would help having a unit price (like in Purchase Orders)


Purchase invoice entry - quirks
Purchase invoice entry - quirks

Hi @jpitsolutions

Thank you for your suggestion.

Can I just clarify your one point:

If you are selling quantities of items, wouldn’t that be on a sales invoice to your client?


We also make some purchases in quantities and would like to be able to show the unit prices.


sorry yes, purchasing quantities


I am keen on this too.
I made this request some time ago and have hoped that enough requests might get it through.
Thanks for considering it QFile team.


I was just about to start a topic on this myself until I noticed this thread.

Because supplier sales invoices have quantity field 9 times out of 10, when inputting them onto Quickfile it would be very helpful to have the ability to record the quantities.

I really hope you consider this feature as it will be very helpful when looking back at records to analyse/compare purchases.


Hi. Is there any update on this please.
We don’t have a clear cost per product as we are multiplying q and value in the purchase invoice, alternatively putting multiple lines into a pi which is very time consuming if a quantity of 8 has been ordered


Hi @jpitsolutions

I’m afraid there isn’t an update here at the moment. We will definitely update this thread if this changes.

It may be worth changing the topic to “Watching” (at the bottom), which means you’ll receive an email for every reply here. That way you will be informed of any changes by us, or any comments from other users.


Hi, not sure if anyone is watching this still, but is still causing me a massive amount of work to get around this issue


Isn’t easiest way to raise a purchase order? With a couple of clicks your can convert this to the purchase invoice. Purchase order allows qty input. You don’t have to actually send the PO.


Hi, thanks for your reply
why would i want to do a PO, and then convert to invoice and then loose all the information anyway?
IF QF can do quantity in PO why cant they do it in PI ?

we all pay for a package that never gets any updates or anything we need…


Hi @jpitsolutions

We are more than happy to consider all feature requests, but many of them are based on community demand to help us allocate development resources effectively. This isn’t a topic that’s forgotten about - we regularly review feature topics when adding considering new features.

We also release regular updates (the last update date can be found in the footer of your account, which is 5th November at the time of writing). But like most online platforms, quite a few updates relate to ensuring the software continues to run smoothly for all our users, and not necessarily a visual update that you can see.

As soon as we have any updates here, we will update this post.


@jpitsolutions, just saying what we do. I don’t appreciate your problem as I honestly don’t understand your, ‘We don’t have a clear cost per product as we are multiplying q and value in the purchase invoice’, sorry. You can input qty and price per unit in a PO, convert to a PI and you can look at either anytime in the future. We write qty in the description field of the PO if needed which is passed onto the PI. It’s certainly not ideal. I guess you need more powerful software if you want to do stock management. Quickfile has been written for book keeping; if you ask me, there hasn’t been a priority in front end purchasing (e.g. basics missing like no quotation reference field on the PO generator).


Just adding a “me too” to this request.

I’d like to be able to represent my purchase invoices in high fidelity so I can refer to them in QuickFile knowing it says the same thing as the paper invoice does, and that includes QTY and UNIT COST columns.

I can obviously add qty and cost to the description field for reference, but I’d prefer it if the UI supported these fields natively.


Here’s a me too - especially for rebilling.


Yes, I still think this would be a very useful feature!