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Purchase Order Invoice

Starting using Purchase orders.
When we convert to Purchase Invoices the qty column disapears,
is there a setting somewhere I can switch this on?
Also noticed I can’t add quantity when directly generating a Purchase Invoice?


Hi @ChrisatIIOnline,

The Purchase invoice doesn’t have a quantity column but if you’d like to add to the feature request Purchase Invoices - Quantity Field then it may be considered for future development.

If you need to register the quantity somewhere then you should be able to amend the description line to include 2x etc.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Did Quickfile developers get bored after writing the Sales invoice side,
the whole Purchase Ordering setup seriously needs revisiting and bringing inline with the Sales Invoice side, inventories/part numbering included.
We buy/purchase components and then sell assemblies and finding as previously commented on by support that this side needs development.

Also wish Support members would auto add these requests on behalf of users to feature requests.

On a note of feature request, I also believe this method of seeing if a feature request becomes popular before implenentation somewhat floored and a user feature voting email put out to all users periodically whould yield a better picture of what user need.

Hi @ChrisatIIOnline,

Thank you for your feedback, I will pass this on for you

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Hi Chris,

When we initially built the purchase invoicing functions it was done so on the basis that a purchase invoice is not issued to a 3rd party entity, unlike a sales invoice. We therefore opted to streamline the entry process without requiring the user to complete fields that weren’t absolutely essential.

When your business makes a purchase you will be issued with an actual invoice from your supplier, this can be attached to the purchase invoice record in QuickFile. This attachment would contain specific details regarding the order. Within QuickFile the Purchase Invoice UI is more focused on entering the header totals and providing enough granularity to post to different VAT rates and nominal ledgers.

Unfortunately we don’t have any plans right now to change the format of purchase invoices.

Hi Glenn
Thanks for reply.
That’s sad as I think this would make a great addition to Quickfiles.

I assume you saw my comment on an Email voting system to users as a better way of gauging peoples requirements rather than feature requests and voting?


Hi Chris,

Ah yes, we have considered using something like UserVoice in the past.

Here’s an example

Was it something like this you’re referring to?

Hi Glen

It was more based on the fact of I wonder how many people see or take the time to read all the feature requests or post them for you to actually get a realistic picture of what your potential user market wants (and hence bring more business your way).

Also how do you determine if there is interest in the feature request, is it by replies, views , likes, i.e. how do I most effectively express my interest also?

I see several negative outcomes to the current feature request options.

1.) If I’m a potential new user and I can’t see my item being supported I look for another solution = lost customer.

2.) If I get a response from support that says your welcome to post a feature request, you may not bother to post as to busy trying to run your business and sort the problem for yourself = you don’t then know how many other users have the same issues.

3.) current user doesn’t have time to monitor feature requests to spot a good idea or common requirement = you then fail to actually know how useful the feature request would be = loss in potential/current user as they look else where for solution.

I was thinking send an email once a month,

New feature requests, tick if would find useful,

1.) Quantity in purchase invoice
2.) Part numbers in Purchase inventory
3.) Purchase management sort order by Suppliers Name
4.) etc…

Just my thoughts.


I appreciate your feedback Chris and I agree with most of the points you raise here.

The unfortunate reality is that we will only ever be able to take a small percentage of ideas forward. It takes a few minutes to propose a feature and then days or possibly weeks to build it, so there’s a huge asymmetry there. This is not a problem unique to QuickFile, but more the nature of software development.

We’re not a big faceless organisation so all of us here spend a lot of time on the forum listening to and considering feature requests. We read and consider every request, but with that said some suggestions are just always going to be out of scope, far too niche or just not well aligned to our core proposition.

The email suggestion would be tricky as every user will come to use with potentially one of 100s of different ideas, some new, some mentioned before. It would be hard to make that work if we just hand pick 3 or 4 of these ideas and then put that out on an email.

Just my thoughts on this.

HI Glen

No totally agree with effort required for software development and your comments.
Just felt the current feature request doesn’t feel structured or gains the required attention of users to gain clarity on what we all need most in our businesses.

Out of curiosity, who are your developers/programmers, are they office based with you there or out sourced?

Also do you run any Q&A webinars or Q&A drop-in sessions?


That would be a fantastic addition. Quite often I am trying to find old feature requests to point people to but the Discord search feature and the haphazard nature of some of the posts which aren’t always marked properly as features and/or have completely incorrect titles makes it difficult to find. I can totally see why some newer users can’t find anything relevant, and also the fact most don’t even search for anything at all!

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We use a combination of in-house developers and contractors.

We don’t although there are some 3rd party firms that do offer these services now. We are looking to work with at least one of these firms to help subsidise the cost of these webinars and make them completely free to the end user.


I agree, it’s easy for stuff to get buried. The titles are the biggest problem, most people just don’t write effective titles. We edit them where we can but occasionally we miss things.

Just on the broader subject of feature development, this last year we have been slowed down somewhat by some very large ongoing projects…

  • Adoption of Making Tax Digital
  • Adoption of Open Banking
  • Migration from on-premise servers to the cloud

We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with these projects, so we can really start to go back and focus on the details in terms of day to day usability.


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