Automatic Upload of Receipts through Dropbox

Hi Guys,

Good morning to you all. I noticed this some time ago that when my receipts get auto uploaded via dropbox the file name gets shortened and forgot to mention anything as I simply went manual.

Explanation: If copy the following receipts to the Dropbox App folder:
PS not real names:
20140115-001 [Cooperative Bank Order #12345].pdf
20140115-002 [Cooperative Bank Order Confirmation].pdf
20140115-003 [Cooperative Bank Dispatch Note].pdf

They auto-upload correctly within the hour but when I go to TAG them notice that all the file names are shortened to 39 characters ie:

20140115-001 [Cooperative Bank Order #1
20140115-002 [Cooperative Bank Order Co
20140115-003 [Cooperative Bank Dispatch

However, if I go to the banking screen and choose to manually TAG an Invoice and then go to that invoice and Upload the same receipt the naming convention stays the same and what I have on my home back-up is the same as I have online. i.e 20140115-002 [Cooperative Bank Order Confirmation].pdf uploads as 20140115-002 [Cooperative Bank Order Confirmation].pdf and NOT 20140115-002 [Cooperative Bank Order Co

I have stopped using the Dropbox app for this reason?

I realise that in the old days we had to put underscores in between words etc. but technology moved on several years back and for me naming a file with the US dating and then giving a simple explanation of the file helps me find everything in a clear and concise manner.

Is there an issue with the Dropbox app?
Or is the file upload system simple restricted to anything under 40 characters?

Many thanks for you help.


If you actually click on the file to view it in the browser I suspect you will see the full file name. The abbreviation is just for displaying something meaningful in the Receipt Hub, without displaying crazy long file names that may distort the columns. I don’t think this is specific to Dropbox, if you uploaded manually I think you’d get the same result.

Hi Glenn,

THanks for your reply. So when I manually upload via the Receipts hub yes it does shorten it.

I notice that ones that are in there for last year which have been associated with payments have the title changed to ‘the #QF12345 number plus the Purchaser Company name plus a shortened view of the reason of purchase’.

i.e #QF01998: Federation of Small Businesses - Annual Professional Member Payment

The example above overflows nicely onto two lines. Where as others like the one below are capped to one line with 2 following dots …

i.e. #QF01999: PC World - PC World: Purchase of Camera S…

I am just trying to understand why it is doing this and if there is an issue that others are experiencing and not just me.

I do agree though that when I then view either document the attachment has the correct name.

Many thanks for your help you and the team are doing a fantastic job!


What it’s doing there in the Receipt Hub is listing the supplier name then the first 35 characters of the description.

[supplier name] - [Top line description]

As the supplier names differ in length it can end up spanning 1 or 2 lines. The top line description from the purchase will always be 35 characters or less.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Thanks for the explanation Glenn,

Have a nice weekend!


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