Automatically add company phone number to invoice

I am new to Quick File and want to customise my invoices. I’m getting on ok with the basic customisation but I’d like to automatically add my company phone number underneath the company address.

According to the pop up, which appears when you hover over the question mark by the ‘Phone’ box on the ‘Company settings’ page, I should be able to enable this label but I haven’t found how to do it.

Any help gratefully received.

Try this, clcik on Account setting > Invoice Style > click on top left box which says company name, then in the box whihc says Display the following text below my company address you can put your phone number

Thanks. I think there should be a way of doing it automatically, like the address appears without me having to type it in (fetches it from the Company Settings page), but I will use this method if no-one comes up with any other suggestions.

Have just tried your suggestion but unfortunately it changes the size of the box that the address appears in and it overlaps with the invoice details, on the template I used (Euclid) :frowning: :

Yes it can show automatically phone number BUT not under company address. From Invoice style screen, if you click on Invoice Labels, box that says issue date etc and untick phone number, you contact number will appear on invoice in that area

Thank you. Ideally I wanted it with the address but this way is better than it messing up the layout :smiley:

I prefer to show telephone , website, email and relevant trade logos at bottom of invoice

I’m a childminder with, as yet, no clients but my sister (an accountant) introduced me to Quick File and I’m trying to set up as much as I can before I start ‘trading’. I only need a fairly basic invoice and had set up a template on excel but, after looking at this site, I decided these invoices look more professional and the site as a whole will help me to keep my accounts in order.

There are a few places you can locate the telephone number on your invoice. All of these options are available in Sales >> Invoice customisation.

  1. Under the address

  1. In the additional labels box

  1. Or as @Accountant suggests you can include this in the footer.

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