Automatically calculates net VAT figure on purchase invoices

Apologies as new to Quickfile.
I cannot find a way to enter the gross figure for a purchase invoice and let Quickfile calculate the net VAT figure. Many of my purchase invoices are VAT incl and rather than have to figure out the net amount and then let Quickfile add the VAT component it would be quicker to have Quickfile do the net calculation.
It is probably a simple tick box I have missed but it would make life easier if it was there. I have come from using Sage and that feature is standard on their system.
Thanks in advance.

Just google VAT calculator. HMRC have a handy little calculator that does it instantly

Hi @GilesG

Welcome to QuickFile!

When creating your purchase invoice, just click in the “Total” column on the invoice line, and enter the gross amount. We’ll automatically work backwards and adjust the net and VAT values for you.

Hope that helps!

Divide by 6. No need for a calculator

Brilliant! I had thought it was somewhere, much appreciated. I have found QF to have the features but often hidden away or not obvious. It is the UX that maybe could do with a revamp or at least more in the knowledge base - I frequently search for things such as VAT refund (and how to process it) and nothing comes up in the knowledge base that is relevant. Overall, a good bit of software that I am sure will improve over time.

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