Automatically Creating Invoices


I’m moving back to Quickfile after an interesting year elsewhere.

I am able to setup recurring invoices for my contract clients - really easy, so I’m ok with that.

I have some clients that I invoice at the end of each month, for weekly and two weekly services. One or two have both weekly and two weekly, most have just one.

Is there a way to

Prepopulate a draft invoice with the dates and services, so I just have to send it at the end of each month - one option but not preferred.

Use something like Google calendar, add the service for a client, and on the day of the service have Quickfile add a line entry on the draft invoice for that service. That way at month end I could check it over, add prices and send it.

It save a lot of work on my part with planning and writing invoices each month.

Thank you.

Hello @petalpatchcare

Welcome back :slight_smile:

There isn’t a way to do this with draft invoices, but it’s possible with recurring invoices. Are the services regular or more of one offs (but for weekly/bi-weekly services)?

With a recurring invoice for example, you can use tags like this:

Consultancy services for ||DATE-14D|| to ||DATE||

This would generate a date based on the issue date. There’s a testing tool you can try it on, here

There isn’t anything built in to support this, but you may be able to make something custom if you are confident with some code; our API does allow the creation and updating of invoices.

I could use recurring invoicing - I dismissed the idea as the visits will not be the same each month due to how the weekly/ 2 weekly visits fall.

If I did that, the Google Calendar idea becomes redundant, that is ok too.

So, the services are regualar, that is to say…

The most complicated one is a weekly visit, small service, two weekly visit larger service.

Others are simply a weekly or two weekly service visit, invoiced out at month end. Sometimes I add a full day visit to these as one offs, but I can add those as I go.

If it was just one or two customers I would do manually, but the more monthly invoiced customers I gain, the more complicated it is to keep track of and there is much more likelihood of error on my part when invoicing.

I want to reduce the manually entry and ensure I get the invoices correct every time.