Automatically fill category description for purchases

When creating a new purchase: I always use the same description for the category. Is there any way of setting this so that it fills automatically so that I don’t have to type the same description each time?

Do you mean you always use the same description or you always use the same category? And this is when creating a new purchase from the purchases screen, not via receipt hub or bank tagging?

You can already set a default category per supplier. There is a recurring purchase option if these are reasonably regular, or you can just copy an existing purchase.

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It’s the same category and the same description. I can set the default category for each supplier and was wondering if a default description could be automatically appied too. The recurring purchase won’t really work as it is for different values each time.


The inventory list may also help as you can set descriptions as well as prices for items. Setting up reusable inventory items

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @QFBeth

That’s perfect thank you. Just what I was after.

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