Backup Accounting in case of loss of service

So here is the scenario…
Quickfile is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, Putin declares cyber-war or perhaps my Internet connection is severed by a careless JCB driver somewhere or… Well you get the idea.
If I were to run a backup accounting system locally on my pc would I be able to use the backup csv files to pickup where my excellent Quickfile cloud based system left off?
If so, any suggestions as to what program?
One becomes easily dependant on systems and perhaps a little too complacent so the sudden recent loss of service left many of us wondering how to send out invoices or check client accounts etc.
As we have good regular backup csv files it would be nice to think they could be used readily.

Hi @aglg

Hopefully none of those things would even happen, but the csv files are common files that can be used by many software packages.

The files themselves are really just text files (if you weren’t aware, CSV means Comma Split Values). If you were to open them in notepad or similar, you’d see a list of values separated by a comma.

Excel (or other spreadsheet software) will read a CSV file perfectly and list each value in a column for you, in a similar way you can see clients on the client management screen. We’ve also included ID values, which are unique for that particular entry, so each value could be mapped together again if needed (e.g. an invoice to a client).

The support for these CSV files do vary from package to package, but most software will support them in some shape or form. In a lot of cases, there would be an article or support team to help you import them, in a similar way we do with QuickFile. If all else fails, you always have the trusty old spreadsheet :wink:

I hope that helps!