Since adding a paypal account to quickfile, my accounts have been way off and not balanced between paypal, my bank and quickfile. I’ve opened a few threads on here and found out it was because you don’t handle multi currency accounts.

I need to get my accounts in asap, so I thought I’d remove the payapl stuff and start again with it. Before I did, I took a backup so I couild get back to how it was if i needed too.

I’ve since been told it would be best to put back the paypal entries and use journals to sort out the differences.

When I’ve gone to restore the backup, there is no option inside quickfile and after looking on here, it seems I cannot restore?

Firstly, why have a backup option if there is no way to restore it? This is extremly misleading. If i would of knew this i would of never deleted them knowing I cannot easily reverse it.

Second, how can i get the accounts back to how they was?


The backup feature is intended more for peace of mind in terms of business continuity. With a universal set of CSV files we were giving users the option to take their data elsewhere should they wish.

The restore limitation exists on all major cloud accounting systems, so it’s not unique to QuickFile.

There’s a technical reason why restores are not feasible in the cloud, I’ve explained it elsewhere (see here) but it comes down to the way cloud systems store all users in one single monolithic database. You can only rollback a database globally, you can’t pick out specific user activity and only roll that back.

###Restoring deleted data

When you delete invoices and purchase in QuickFile, they do not get permanently deleted. You can go into both the invoice and purchase list and in the bottom right hand corner show all deleted entries. You can then restore these items in bulk.

Bank entries would need to be restored from a CSV, you can then tag these entries back to the invoices you restored in the previous step.

I’ve looked in Purchases and selected deleted Glenn but there’s nohere near as many entries in there

Purchases, invoices and clients are never fully deleted, just marked as “deleted” for an audit trail. Are there any particular ones you notice missing?

From what I can see you deleted all the entries in the PayPal account. If any of those transactions were linked to purchase invoices then those invoices would not be deleted but reverted to UNPAID status, which appears to be what has happened.

You have about 4 pages of unpaid purchase invoices (185 in total). What you can do is select 50 at a time and click the “Update as Paid” button, this will then allow your restore the payments back to the Paypal account. You have a similar situation with sales invoices and you can do exactly the same here.

Then run a report on PayPal, find out what the balance differences are for the year and post these aggregate totals to the PayPal account and tag to a single client and supplier record. That should get your account balancing.

Ah ok gotcha, thanks Glenn.

What do I need to choose for “Pay Method” ?

Pay Method has no relevance in QuickFile other than as a reference. I think however there is one there for “PayPal”, if not go with “Debit Card”.

Thanks again for your help Glenn

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