Backup zip file

I requested a backup by email and received a zip file but cannot open it? Windows 10

Do you get an error message?
Do you have software like winzip or WinRAR running on your PC/Laptop?

I have tried opening it with various apps including winzip and winrar. What appears to be happening is that is that the email shows a file size of 232kb but when I save it it shows as 0kb.

Hi @John_Coote

This is a strange one, I’ll send you a Private Message now so that we can discuss this in some more detail.

Can you open the file direct from your email client (without saving it)?

No, using Windows mail.

If you right-click on the file (next to blue arrow) a little menu opens. Click OPEN that should work

You have to wait windows mail has downloaded that file. As long as it is white it is not downloaded. When the file is yellow then it is fully downloaded. Sometimes it takes a while for windows mail to download attachments. If it is not coming through maybe your anti-virus program or firewall is blocking it.

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Thanks for your help but it was McAfee putting it into quarantine that was causing the issue.


Hi @John_Coote

I’m glad you managed to find the source of the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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