Bad Debt sales invoice showing on Vat returns

Hi, I am about to submit my companies next vat returns. I noticed in one of the months that it has pulled through an invoice which has since been bad debted. Can you please advise as I have already paid the VAT on this and it is now showing as a duplicate.

It should show up as reducing your vat liability since its bad debts

Hi, It isn’t reflecting on the sales on the dashboard, but when I export the vat returns it is reflecting in those figures which I need to submit.

I am wanting to submit the VAT but dont want to till I know the bad debt invoice is not showing up in sales. How can this be resolved?

Is it showing in sales as a positive figure in your vat return? Answer still isn’t clear.

Yes, when I have downloaded the export it is showing as a positive figure.

And the date it was made a bad debt also falls within this vat return period?

Hi, Yes, the date it we made it bad debt was the 14th Jan 2020. The date the invoice was july 2019.

I have no idea then. Maybe post a screenshot showing the invoice being listed as part of the sales and someone else may help.

I think I will just give up trying to find the answer. Thanks though


We can certainly take a look at this for you if you wish?

Just send us a private message with some details and we can take a look.

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