Balance figure on Bank Tagging List

I am trying to sort out a sole traders tagging list back to when his bank account was opened on 01.04.19 and the tagging/entries started on Quickfile from that date. However there seems to be a brought forward figure of £881.01 as at 31.03.19 on the tagging version as this figure is showing as the brought forward figure at 01.04.19 even though no entries and a nil balance have been tagged/come from the bank account for that or similar amount. I have the original bank statements back to when the bank account opened on 01.04.19 and there is a nil balance on the statements at 01.04.19. How do I deal with this mystery figure of £881.01 which has appeared as I have tried to get tagging entries back before 31.03.19 but of course as the bank acocunt only opened on 01.04.19 there is no sign of this £881.01 figure. Could you explain where this figure would have come from as I won’t ever be able to reconcile the bank account. The difference as at 31.07.20 is £881.01 between the tagging balance and the actual bank account statement balance so I know everything since then 01.04.19 has been tagged correctly and matches up ok. Will I have to pass an adjustment of £881.01 to ensure I can recooncile OK to 31.07.20 ?

Look at invoice dates and maybe opening journals

If there is a balance from the beginning and it isn’t a transaction that is tagged then check you don’t have an opening balance against the account (look in the settings page for the bank account for the OB box) and also check journals.

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