Balance sheet figures

I have just run the year end routine, which has cleared out the profit and loss, but when I look at the chart of accounts balance sheet section this only shows transactions for the current period and no opening balance? Is there a way of changing a setting to show a brought forward balance so the balance sheet balances on the chart of accounts agree to the actual balance sheet, as this is confusing. Thank you.

The chart of accounts will only show transactions over a period, no opening or closing balances. You can change the period to “all time” to show the total balances.

I just remembered we do have an Extended Trial Balance (ETB) which would show opening and closing balances. This however is only available on Affinity connected accounts.

Hi - just taken a look at Affinity and will register - regarding the TB, I did get around this using all-time, so that was fine, but if affinity works better, then I may well use this.

If I register and play with it for a while, but find there is no value added, am I able to de-register at any time?

Cheers, Russell

Yes you can register and de-register whenever you like. Affinity will remain free until mid january and even after that time if you leave the account it will automatically become inactive.

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