Balances not shown on Exported Data

i receive a monthly email with the quickfile data backup files attached.
these are excel files.
for the bank ledgers, all columns are shown apart for the balance column.
this happens when i manually export a bank ledger too.
how can i get the balance column to show on the exported data?

Hi @shahid

The balance is calculated at the time you view your bank statement, so there is no data to export as such.

But as it’s an excel compatible document, you can easily add in a balance column if you wish using the built in formulas.

What are you trying to do with these exports? Perhaps we can suggest an alternative method?

its to show to the accountant for the annual calculations for accounts.
so we need the balances to be shown. i understand i can make formulas to show balances, but that also entails entering starting values for starting balances etc.
it would be much easier if the historical balances column could be shown in the exported data, do you have any other suggestions of how to accomplish this?

In most cases it’s easier to give them access to your QuickFile account, either by adding them as a team member, or through their Affinity account (if they have more than one client using QuickFile). That way, they can drill down on any figures required.

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