Balancing the 9998 account

In the account detail for Suspense Account (9998) I’ve got three transactions for 09/01/2013 and 10/01/2013 but I don’t know where they’ve come from and I don’t know how to delete them. I can’t find them in any of the bank accounts. Any ideas? Thanks.

Do they relate to opening bank balances you have entered? Any time an opening bank balance is created the opposing entry will go into 9998 and will need to be journalled out.

You also have 3 untagged entries under the credit card account…just had a quick look.

No, they’re not it. These are two transactions (one credit, one debit) for £20.00 and another for £0.28 (credit). All on 9 or 10 January 2014.

These are the 3 untagged transactions in the credit card account:

The total equals £13.81. If you tag these it will credit the 9998 account by the same amount.


There was an item on your 9998 for 28p that was tagged from the PayPal account. This should have been in bank charges. Otherwise if you tag those items above, the 9998 account will be all square!

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