Bank Account Access

As a potential new user can you explain how QF accesses my bank account now that two stage verification is necessary?
i.e. log in sequence (online) 1) enter customer number 2) three characters from 16 character passcode 3) SMS PIN code


Hi @fopetesl

The method used will depend on the bank that you are with.

However, the most common method of connecting a bank is through Open Banking. When you set up open banking on your account, your bank sends us a code to say that they have connected. This code is only valid for 90 days so will need to be re-validated by yourself to say that you still want the service.

Because of the way that the connection works, there is no need for QuickFile to have access to your Passcode or SMS PIN Code.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get back in contact.

I just checked with my bank, Yorkshire Bank and they tell me their system does not support QF (amongst many others).
Will I have a problem here?

Hi @fopetesl

I’ve just checked this our end and I can confirm that we do support Yorkshire Bank. This will be done through an Open Bank feed.

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We seem to have a difference of decision here, YB says no, you say yes.
To cut this short, will I have any issues if the Open Bank feed is unsuccessful and continue manually reconciling bank account?

Hi @fopetesl

If it’s unsuccessful, you will still be able to manually reconcile the account without any issues.

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