Bank account - amend opening balance

I have looked in previous topics about opening balance but were inconclusive. I have set up bank feeds and the feeds have started to come in. The opening balance is wrong because it is based only on transactions since bank feed began. I have found opening balances entry but it brings up a complicated journal with no clear advice on what to select. Opening balance is not in the long list of non alphabetical numbered categories. This is not a new company but I do want to use Quickfile for the company for beginning of April and am getting prepared for it.

Which bits were inconclusive? Have you gone to the bank settings page and checked the “I have an opening balance for this account”?

Hi @alantc

What were you using prior to QuickFile? The best way to start would be to import a Trial Balance (or a balance sheet if you don’t have a trial balance) as this would set all your opening balances for you.

Other than that, what @Lurch has suggested above, would set the opening balance for you.

Thanks Lurch, knowing what to look for helped. Done now and showing correctly

Thanks Matthew, followed Lurch’s advice. I used to use spreadsheets. and prior to that Quickbooks version 8 a long time ago.

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