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Bank account balance mismatch

Has anyone had a bank balance mismatch reported?
The latest one submitted to me was incorrect in that a positive balance on the bank feed was in fact an overdrawn balance on Quickfile.

I have double checked the bank balance on the bank website and it is showing overdrawn which is correct.

The amounts are the same but one is showing overdrawn and the other a positive figure

Hi @liverandbacon,

I would suggest doing a bank reconciliation, there may be a missing or duplicate transactions which has caused the balance to be out

The two figures showing are exactly the same; one is a plus, the other is a negative.

This might be a silly question but you’re definitely looking at the bank account view rather than the balance sheet? On the balance sheet view a bank account balance in red (debit) is positive and green (credit) is overdrawn.

If that sounds strange remember that the bank owes you the money so they are one of your debtors. You are one of their creditors (assuming a credit balance).

There was a discrepancy of £ 150.00 to be adjusted, but allowing for that, the discrepancy was twice the adjusted balance, with the bank and Quickfile adjusted balances equal but showing opposite signs. It is difficult to explain but I will manually adjust the bank to an incorrect figure and see what happens

balance mismatch

Date checked: 15 Oct 2020
Balance reported by your bank: 3,933.29 GBP
Balance in QuickFile: -3,783.29 GBP
Difference: 7,716.58 GBP

I created a false entry so that the bank account could not balance.

This is the result this morning

Hi @liverandbacon,

If you would like us to take a look at the account please send a private message to @QFSupport with the relevant QuickFile account number :slight_smile:

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